The quick “Copying and Pasting” mentality can appear to be harmless but should be discouraged by a Revit® Manager in an office environment that relies on a library of content that is being used across several projects or where it is important to maintain flexibility by avoiding losing family types within a Project file.

When you copy and paste families across from one Project file (A) to another Project file (B) you will loose all the types that were not originally selected in (A). What is worse is that when you re-load the family it WILL NOT automatically add the missing types back into Project file (B). Allow me to demonstrate…..

I strongly recommend that users don’t copy and paste across files since the following risks don’t make it worth while.

  • Users could be copying across old families that are no longer current, or could be corrupt.
  • For this reason also avoid editing families from a Project file and saving them back to the library. By overwriting the library component you potentially loose types.

© Copyright Reserved by Michelle Louw (Excerpt from My speaker notes at National Revit Technology Conference 2008.)


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