Using a prefix to assign a folder location for a set of families can be very useful, especially for the drafting team when they are not familiar with the office folder structure. Something as simple as a two letter prefix can make all the difference in helping them locate a family on the server.


  • Be Consistent in your naming convention
  • Keep it simple and short. Avoid abbreviations.
  • Avoid names that can easily be superseded. Specific sizing can be problematic, or referring to manufacturer.
  • Consider Prefix naming convention as shown. (Font case for prefix is ideal if CAPS)
  • Provide sufficient information in the family name to enable drafters to make intelligent, quick choices about which component to use. This applies to Type name too.
  • Don’t get lazy and start naming families with a numerical suffix. E.g. Awning Window 1

© Copyright Reserved by Michelle Louw (Excerpt from My speaker notes at National Revit Technology Conference 2008.)


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