• I find it best to plan what my users may need so that I can avoid content creators creating their own Shared Parameters in their own files. I find it works best if one person is the author of the file and redistributes it to all Content creators and Revit® Managers (If more than one office/ Interstate etc.) when changes are made. Establish an office naming convention and keep it consistent.
  • Avoid using symbol “–“ in the Parameter name because that will affect your formula options. (E.g. Panel – Width) In the formula field this dash will become a minus. (Suggestion: Panel_Width)
  • I like to name SP’s so that they sort in a logical order. See Screenshot example. It’s easy to pick any panel SP that may exist or identify a missing one.
  • Useful Parameters to add to a family are ( “Addenda”, ”Made By”, “Edited by” and “Note to User”) “Note to user” allows you to put comments for user.(E.g. Max 4 panels)
  • Parameters that users will often need to be referred to in the Project file can be grouped under “Constraints” or “Construction” to make editing these values in the Project or Family file quick and easy.

© Copyright Reserved by Michelle Louw (Excerpt from My speaker notes at National Revit Technology Conference 2008.)


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