I don’t believe all Revit® documenters should be allowed to create content in an office environment. I realize that not everyone will subscribe to my ethos regarding this matter but I have found, in my opinion that it works really well to have a close control on what content is being created and by whom. Revit® is a tool, much like a pencil and I believe that it works best if most documenters are not occupied with creating content. If the Revit® Manager can make sure that the required content is available, given sufficient notice of course, then the documenters can continue to use their skills to design, document and interrogate the model and documentation output so that the company has the best possible outcome on site. I realize we are in a creative industry and that some designers, drafters and architects may feel limited if they can’t explore family creation as well but I believe it is in everyone’s best interest to limit the number of approved Content creators within a firm.

I liken it to asking a chef to make his best lasagna but… before he begins creating his masterpiece to insist he first grow the vegetables or wire up the oven. Instead what we want the chef to focus on cooking. It is up to the Manager to ensure the chef has all the utensils and ingredients he needs to prepare the required meals.

© Copyright Reserved by Michelle Louw (Excerpt from My speaker notes at National Revit Technology Conference 2008.)


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