The answer is ‘ YES – yes and YES ‘ but for those of you who find my perspective too rigid I have also added some other comments below which might help you come up with a workable, more flexible solution.  Personally PLAN A is the most compromise I would make on any of my systems because I find my methodology works really well when implementing Revit® in larger firms of 100 or more drafting staff.


  • Drafters create a temporary place holder. The required component is ordered & made by approved content creator.
  • The approved content is then loaded into project to replace temporary family and Revit Manager places a copy of the new family in the main library for duplicate use in future. (Or to a project specific folder. * See my comments of Project specific libraries.)


  • Most families are crude cube representations in 3D, with relevant offsets & parametric intelligence. Floor plan and elevation representations of objects are created in line work to ensure they appear correctly in required sheet production views.
  • Drafters could create their own families with 2D representation but these families still need to be audited some how.
  • More sympathetic 3D model representation may then be updated if required for families in specific views that are required for certain presentation or documentation deliverables.
  • Although this is not a sexy option – it may offer a suitable change over solution while libraries are slowly generated.
  • I would say however that certain objects will still need full modeling like doors and windows.


  • Essentially everyone creates their own components themselves. (Anything they need)
  • Dependant on size of office. (Small companies may need to do this but will need strict procedures in place if they want to keep everything in check)
  • Train, monitor, and train some more…… and more….. and more……
  • Have a strict review system
  • Define office standards clearly and meticulously to ensure some standards and automation can be used in Projects
  • Revit Manager should make a regular practice of auditing library weekly in medium-sized firms using this approach.
  • Families can be saved to a location to be approved, edited and issued by Revit Manager (Time consuming)
  • This option can potentially risk file stability, processing speed and office output productivity
  • Company will potentially need to compromise on system automation benefits (depending on auditing process)
  • My thoughts……GOOD LUCK!!!

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