GENERATIVE COMPONENTS – How to import into Revit

When doing some testing about how to best bring a GC model (3D-DWG format) into a Revit file we came to the following colcusions:

Essentially we had two option:


  •  It is treated as one complete object. Elements cannot be selected individually
  • No massing can be applied
  • Less control when trying to dimension to it.


 Loaded into Project file

  • Makes reloading easier and accurate since origin point and offsets are already defined. Bring dwg in the same place in family. Then okay.
  • Can apply massing to the elements, but it can be a bit tricky due to the complex nature of some forms.
  • When form is changed, the massing in Revit disassociates since the reference in no longer the same. (Linking not an option in Revit family files) Massing elements can be re-associated to dwg.
  • Updates will drop dimension
  • Layers can be switched off in VG to create various set-out drawings – like structural versus glazing etc.

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