Revit Family Standards for Australia/ New Zealand

Some of you may know that I have been leading a project that involves defining content creation standards across Australia/ New Zealand. The truth is it has taken so much longer than I ever imagined it would take and in fact the process has been tedious and frustrating at times. But at the heart of it I believe in the mission and in the project goal.

Many of us won’t use any shared or sold Revit content because it has been made poorly and often with little discipline and consistency.

Well…. the peer review draft of the Family creation Compliance standards is almost ready for release. I am working hard to try get them ready by end of October and I have a few helpers that are jumping in to help finish it.I will post a copy of the package or a link for download within the next 6 weeks and look forward to your feedback/ responses. Please note that at present the WIKI site which we used for collaboration of ideas and for collating targeted feedback is not the most up to date version of the evolving protocols.

I look forward to sharing the standards with you all shortly and hope that all the hard work that has been put into this project will at the very least contribute to a new, improved level of shared and sold content across Australia and New Zealand.

I will keep you posted. We are almost there!!! I can’t wait to have it all done.


Cheers Michelle


2 thoughts on “Revit Family Standards for Australia/ New Zealand

    • Hi Robin,
      Trust all is well your side. A trip to Auckland User Group aye…. certainly will keep our invite in mind ;-) Admittedly, if I ever did go to beautiful New Zealand on a trip… I doubt Revit would be on my mind ;-o (LOL!) Well- Hopefully not ;-p

      Peer Review Offer
      If you have any spare time to offer help for peer review of the proposed Aus/NZ content creation standards just send me an email, or post comment here.
      (NOTE: At present the project is based on volunteer time only. Also please be aware, to be fair, in order to be credited as being on the peer review team we do expect all peer review team members to offer sufficient and well considered feedback that would warrant recognition.)
      If anyone else in your User Group is keen to offer review feedback they are welcome to contact me too. The peer review copy should be available by end of October 2010.
      Look forward to catching up at next RTC.

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