FAMILY EDITOR GLITCH: Catalog files that use formulas



A simple detail item has been created that is using a formula.In this case it’s a detail item intended to represent a 2D downpipe. The radius parameter controls the circle size for the various type sizes but I wanted drafter’s to have the option of editing the diameter value as well if that was easier for them.

STEP 1: Create the masking region and assign radius constraint

Catalog family - formula glitch1

STEP 2: Create parameter link using a formula in Family editor

Catalog family - formula glitch7

STEP 3: Create Catalog text file:

Catalog family - formula glitch6

STEP 4: Load family into projectCatalog family - formula glitch2

STEP 5: Test sizes are correct based on family types created

A = 100mm Diameter

B = 150mm Diameter

Catalog family - formula glitch3


STEP 4 REVISITED: Edit Catalog file to include Radius (Since diameter and radius values are interlinked)

STEP 5 REVISITED: Import family into project file

Catalog family - formula glitch4

STEP 6: Test sizing

Catalog family - formula glitch5


If you wish to control a Revit Catalog family with a parameter that is affected by any formula then all associated parameters that relate to the primary parameter need to reside in the catalog text file.


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