My role in ANZRS has changed

BIMBOOMBAM_Revit_NewOpportunitiesThe biggest change in recent weeks is that I have officially resigned from ANZRS as Project Facilitator and as part of the management board. I remain interested in ANZRS and completely supportive of all the work that we have put into this project.

Chris Needham and Belinda Hodkinson will now be the primary deciders on the future direction of ANZRS. I am unwavering in my confident that whatever choices they make on behalf of ANZRS will be well-considered, responsible and with the most appropriate outcome in mind.

ChrisNeedham      BIMBOOMBAM_Revit_ANZRS_Belinda_Hodkinson

I would like to acknowledge and thank Chris and Belinda for bravely joining a project that they never signed up for in the first place. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with them both. I remain proud of what we have already accomplished with this initiative. I am delighted to say that the quality of shared and sold Revit content is improving slowly, but noticeably, so all our effort was not in vain. There is still much work to do in this sector to improve the integrity and quality of Revit content and I will do my part in creating further awareness on this blog.


For me, personally, I feel that it is important to remind the industry (and this committee of volunteers) that ANZRS was always intended to be issued as 95% complete in version 3. The reason for this strategy was clearly defined early on in the project. Our promise to the industry was that no more than 5% of all ANZRS content would be refined or altered once the official completed version (namely version 3) had been released.

I wish Belinda, Chris, ANZRS and the ANZRS volunteers all the best for 2015 whilst I look forward to a year of change and much-needed variety.

Regards, Michelle


Fortunately my Co-Author of ANZRS title remains after all those years of enormous effort ! “That’s Mrs. Author, thank you very much”

“Change is the only constant” ~ Bashar


For a few years I have been focused on other key projects in my life including motherhood. As a result this blog has been quiet for a while but I will endeavor to make a few posts every now and then that cover key conversations that I constantly having with professional content creators, Suppliers and manufacturers about Revit content and project implementation impacts.

I will also cover some Revit glitches along the way.

And one day… if I really run out of fun things to do I might share my view on BIM and the hurdles that I think stand in the way of the industry’s progress, as a whole, in mastering BIM (both at a company and project level, and globally).

I wish you all the best for 2015. I expect it will be a year that will be crammed with change, some turmoil but also much inspiration.

Regards, Michelle


Welcome to my blog page and I encourage you to use this and other forums to begin to challenge our understanding of BIM (Building Information Modelling) to move beyond 3D modelling, automated drawings and some sexy schedules or dare I mention the promise of the golden egg… “ODBC”(Ahem…. I’m not convinced – yet)

To those of you who have just started the BIM journey I congratulate you in your steps to do so. It is an exciting time. I would also like to invite you to consider these snippets of dialogue in this blog as a way to consider what lies beyond “small BIM” and what it would take to create an explosion of consciousness in regards to Business solutions, Industry ego’s and territories and how BIM fits into that equation? (Across the life-cycle of a project from Design to Facility Management and beyond)