I am one of three Co-Authors of this project and I have been leading this project since June 2009 as Project Facilitator. This project was designed to assist content creators in coming up with a set of guidelines that would help standardise manufacture based Revit content that is being shared and sold around the world.


For more information please feel free to download our content creation standards pack and checklists for free on the hyperlink that follows. Note: You will need to register on the ANZRS website if you wish to download the Version 3.0 PDF pack.


05-2014_ANZRS_V3_Appendix_ANZRS Value to Manufacturers

This document is useful for manufacturers that want to know more about the ANZRS project and how it can possibly impact them.

05-2014_ANZRS_V3_Appendix_Project Compliance Recommendation

This document provides some guidelines and thoughts about how ANZRS can be implemented in projects where this standard of content has been stipulated as part of the project requirement.


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3 thoughts on “ANZRS PUBLISHED

    • Thank you for making the time to say thanks Lee Lee. After so much hard work it’s so rewarding to receive feedback like this.
      All the best with your content creation.
      Warm regards

      • Sorry I haven’t been able to say Thanks to Michelle personally as I do feel bad and guilty for you have spent so much time and effort. What you have done is unimaginable. I am so grateful.

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