I am not actively pursuing consulting work because I am already so busy but I like to leave the possibility for email contact open in case I can be of brief assistance somehow. If you do however wish to contact me please email me in the contact window below and I’d be happy to give you a few minutes of my time.



  • Assist product manufacturers in helping to define a brief with their content creation firm, and review any prototypes that are made as the proof of concept during the initial briefing process.
  • Provide manufacturer’s with protection and reduce their risk of getting content that is not of high enough standard by auditing a sample batch of content to ensure that the content promised and delivered is as useable, well-made and likely to be well received within the design and architectural industry.
  • Content creators who are having trouble with Manufacturer’s not believing their best practice recommendations. It can be useful for Manufacturer’s to hear feedback from another professional content creator that is independent and has credibility in the industry for well-made content.


From time to time I do introduce Manufacturers to specific companies that I have worked with in the past that I can recommend. In such cases I would prefer to be involved to some degree in the briefing and auditing process so that I can be assured that the quality of content received is of the standard that I am happy with.

I avoid recommending any one company on an indefinite basis simply because service can fluctuate and I don’t want any company riding on my recommendation and not delivering.


Sadly the number of content creation companies that I can recommend is few and far between. These companies that create good quality content tend to be more expensive because they prefer to build ranges that will be well received by the industry. That extra time and internal auditing that these companies commit to does increase their overhead costs and should be charged for accordingly. In my experience I have found that it is certainly much cheaper to build good content once rather than trying to re-work or salvage inferior content at a later stage. And remember, good content does not means it’s necessarily overly complicated or highly parametric. Simple, immaculate, efficient and effective – that’s what you are after.


So, by all means email me and I’ll happily give you a call once I have established that your request is a legitimate email enquiry, where I might be able to assist.


I do not travel interstate or overseas at present as I am based in Brisbane, Australia and I have family commitments that require me to be here full time. I am however available for virtual meetings and I am easily contactable via phone or email once initial contact has been made.

Please enter your details below and allow for 24-48 hours for me to reply in case I’m having an extra busy week. Forgive me for not publishing my mobile number on this blog but I already receive endless real and spam emails from strangers around the world through this blog and my Linked In account. As a result I am forced to be a bit more selective about where I display my phone contact information.

I work hard to achieve a good result but I also only want to work on projects and with people that make the effort worthwhile and enjoyable.

Regards, Michelle



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