• The Origin point determines where the cursor will pick the family up from in the Project file. Select two intersecting Reference planes and go to Properties Menu to set Origin by ticking the appropriate “Defines Origin” check box. Tick grey check mark to activate new Origin point.
  • I advise that you take the time to set the Origin point right the first time and that you don’t change it once it has been issued and it is being used across many projects. Reloading a family with a modified Origin point will automatically relocate the component in the project file. You don’t want doors and windows moving in files once they have been carefully placed in the right location.
  • Always set Origin point in Plan view. Also set origin point in elevation if object is going to be elevated by an offset value from floor or ceiling level, or if it is going to be arrayed vertically. It is generally good practice to set it in both orientations to ensure most consistent behaviour.

© Copyright Reserved by Michelle Louw (Excerpt from My speaker notes at National Revit Technology Conference 2008.)