Revit Technology Conference 2010


Hi everyone

I am snowed under at present with several things, and Revit blogging is just not my priority at present ;-p. (No offence) The main cruncher of my time has to be the development of the Revit Content Guidelines for Australia and New Zealand. We will be presenting our first peer review at the RTC but we still have so far to go. The project itself has great potential but we are lacking in community support and effort from other Revit leaders in assisting in generating these guidelines.

It seems everyone else is busy and can’t do it in work hours! (That response always surprises me. Hmm… What do they think the rest of us are doing? Anyway – I will refrain from ranting about the lack of industry input of late and look forward to some Revit leaders raising their hands this year to help with this project and to be part of defining a standard that reflect the industry’s needs and requirements.) LOL!

We have had support from both KarelCAD and Benn Design (two of the most dominant content creation companies in Australia) and they have both said that they will support the guidelines once they are issued. We do however also need to consider Seek’s existing guidelines too (particularly in regards to Shared Parameters and GUIDS) as they are likely to influence some of our proposed solutions. We have more work to do and welcome energetic contribution, feedback  and support ;-D

I am assuming that most of you will know about the Revit Technology Conference which is in May, in Manly, Sydney, but if you don’t – here is a quick link to register or find out more. See you there.

Cheers-a-roo    Michelle


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