Revit Family Standards for Australia/ New Zealand – UPDATE

Hi everyone

This is just a quick update. I know in my previous post I had suggested that the Peer Review set for the ANZRS (Australia, New Zealand Revit Standards) project was almost ready. Well…. I was wrong…. we worked on it for hours, and then some, and now… I can say that we have finally issued our first formal Peer Review set to selected members who were originally part of the project. We have reached a huge milestone in this project and we have had more than 100 people contribute during the past 20 months on this project. (To varying degrees of course.)

Because the new ANZRS document set is at the Peer Review stage I can’t share them, just yet. We will run this set through this 6 week Peer Review process, respond to all feedback and then formally launch our proposed solution at the next Australian Revit Technology Conference this year, on 21 May 2011. I would expect that the documents will then also be available shortly thereafter to all of our industry at the following website:

Thank you for your continued patience and support. It is my hope that all this effort will certainly have been worth it and that we would hope that these standards will become a common and useful resource for best practices when creation Revit content.

Please note that the is no longer active and you will be re-directed to our new website, as listed above. More information will be listed on the new site, once it can be released to the public.


Regards, Michelle Van Kolck (Co-Author and Project facilitator of ANZRS)


3 thoughts on “Revit Family Standards for Australia/ New Zealand – UPDATE

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    • Thank you. The banner is my art work :-). I used to do fine art and so I have fun creating some images from time to time. I am glad you found some infomation still relevant and useful. The family info is mostly still valid but admittedly from several years ago. Since then I have spent three years leading the ANZRS project and this poor blog just does not get much love or time anymore. I keep it active though because some people still find some of the reference material useful. Ocassionally I had googled something to do with Revit families only to discover that I wrote about it on this blog, a few years ago – so it’s a good way to log some knowledge for my own use from time to time. LOL.
      I recommend that you download the latest version of ANZRS PACK FOR MORE TIPS AND TRICKS FOR FAMILIES. (version 3)

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